The Youth Action Council is a year-round civic leadership initiative that will involve up to 40 high school students from the Englewood neighborhood in community service projects that address quality of life issues across the area.  The YAC will be the youth voice that informs the Englewood Quality of Life Planning process, an ongoing planning entity that has five active taskforces, including public safety, education and youth, health and wellness, jobs and economic development and housing.  Additionally, this project will enable youth to learn how to access community issues as well as develop solutions for the problems they identify. The Youth Action Council (YAC) will connect high school age youth to community service projects. In addition to community service, young people will receive leadership training and community building skills to create tangible solutions to real life issues.

The Youth Action Council will operate throughout the year and will meet twice each week for a total of five hours.  This civic leadership initiative will serve up to 40 youth that live or attend school in Englewood.  It will provide workshops and hands on experience where youth learn how to access a problem in the community and then come up with solutions for the problems they identify.  Some of the sessions will include:

  1. Community Needs Assessment – Youth will learn how to collect data on community demographics, analyze the information, and determine key findings.
  2. Leadership Development – Participants will learn about different leadership styles, how to organize and mobilize stakeholders, how to develop and lead a meeting.
  3. Community Service Projects – Youth will learn how to develop and carry out community service projects.
  4. Resource Development – Youth will learn how to identify and solicit resources for their projects.

Program Outcomes

  • 80% of the youth will have a better understanding of how to work in groups to carry a community service projects.
  • Youth will lead and organize one community campaign.
  • Youth will hold at least one community-wide youth forum to gather community input and ideas
  • 90% of the youth will join a community taskforce meeting.

Youth Action Council Members