Englewood will be a hub of commerce with an abundance of resources. Englewood will be an arts and culture destination in Chicago with many strong economic drivers. It will be a place where residents are unified and thrive. Englewood was once a hub of economic activity and commerce, but with the decline of jobs and opportunities, our vibrant local economy also faded. We want to build on the strengths of our community, including the skills and interests of our residents and our cultural assets which include our history as a booming commercial center, historic building stock and the living legacy of the neighborhood as told by residents.


1. Increase business investment in Englewood via growth of existing businesses, support to entrepreneurs, and attraction of new businesses.

2. Increase number of residents with access to living wage jobs or career pathway opportunities.

3. Develop long-term business partnerships that provide resident training, job-readiness and living wage employment opportunities.

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