Englewood will be a safe, thriving, economically and culturally diverse community with well-maintained housing, access to world class services and transportation, and filled with residents who take pride and ownership in its upkeep and preserve its cultural integrity. As the housing recession in America begins to soften, the Englewood community is at a pivotal point. Englewood is becoming more attractive to outside investors. While preparing for future developments in Englewood, we will preserve our cultural diversity and history. Residents who are empowered and engaged are essential to our efforts to preserve, rehabilitate and develop housing in Englewood.


1. Increase the proportion of owner-occupied housing units from 27% to 37% within a 5 year period (by 2022) with a longer term goal of reaching 50%.

2. Reduce vacant, unmaintained residential and commercial lots by 30% over 5 years.

3. Create a functioning, effective design and development committee that successfully influences new development in Englewood.

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