We envision Englewood as a progressive model for health and wellness. We are a community committed to improving the holistic health of residents through intergenerational programs and resources. Healthier lifestyle choices and access to health resources are imperative for addressing disparities in health outcomes for Englewood residents. To reverse the cycle we will undertake transformative roles in directing the health of our community through education, prevention and connection. We recognize that improving connections to mental health resources is key to Englewood’s future. As Englewood residents, we are committed to finding long-term prevention approaches to reducing disparities and improving the quality and longevity of the lives of our residents.


1. Decrease the health disparities of Englewood residents over the long term.

2. Establish a volunteer health navigator team that will connect 1,000 Englewood residents to healthcare services or resources, including those related to mental health, on an annual basis.

3. Increase participation of Englewood residents in physically active programming by 10% each year.

4. Increase the availability of healthy food options in Englewood.

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