The Parent Ambassadors program is an action plan consisting of key components designed to recruit, build partnerships between parents, teachers and administrators and community partners. The ultimate goal is to identify Parent Leaders in local schools in order to support student academic success and construct effective communication with classroom teachers, principals and parents.  In addition to the program goals and metrics, Pink Slip Management and the EQLP Education & Youth Development Taskforce will provide school visits to evaluate identified parent leaders, school outreach strategies and data analysis.

Goal #1  will focus on identification of parents within school community working with Parent Liaison, Network Managers, Principals and PSM Staff to develop list and set expectations for completion.

Goal #2  will focus on increasing the number of parent participants in each classroom of Parent Engagement Centers to increase communication with teachers and enhance student academic achievement.

Goal #3  will focus on increasing parent knowledge and use of Parent Portal to increase effective communication and parent ability to track and support student academic readiness and areas that require academic support with classroom teachers.

Goal #4  will focus on improving school culture and climate to increase opportunity of parent and community partners to work cooperatively with local school community to build rapport

The long term benefit of Parent Ambassadors Road Map to Future Parent Leaders is to identify, recruit and train at minimum, 1 parent per classroom, to create a Parent Professional Learning Community that will enhance and support classroom teachers and administrators and school community goals.