We acknowledge the power of a strong educational start and want to secure this for the youth of Englewood. We envision a community that is invested in learning and supporting educators, parents and students alike. Our approach is one geared towards holistic youth development where all students are reading at or above grade level by 3rd grade, the graduation rate is 100%, civic education occurs in all schools and all students have access to a mentor. The Englewood community values access to rich emotional resources that put students first. Together we will impact academic excellence and social and emotional wellbeing of students.


1. Increase percentage of students reading at or exceeding grade level to at least the district average at all schools within 3 years (by 2020).

2. Provide the opportunity for every student in Englewood to have access to mentorship opportunities within 3 years (by 2020).

3. Increase high school graduation rate of all Englewood high schools within 5 years (by 2022) moving towards a long-term target of 100% graduation.

Englewood Schools Progress


Englewood Chicago Public Schools are apart of CPS Network 11. Over the past few years, Englewood elementary schools have been outpacing non-Englewood schools within the network.  Below you can access links to each school’s progress reports.

Perkins Bass Elementary School                                                                       Carrie Jacobs Bond Elementary School

William Rainey Harper High School                                                                   Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School

John Hope High School                                                                                       Joshua D. Kershaw Magnet Elementary School

Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Academy of Social Justice                                             Benjamin E. Mays Elementary School

Lillian R. Nicholson STEM Academy                                                                  Frances W. Parker Elementary Community Academy

Paul Robeson High School                                                                                 Jesse Sherwood Elementary School

Amos Alonzo Stagg Elementary School                                                          Team Englewood Community Academy High School

Over the past few years, our elementary schools have been exhibiting significant growth and attainment across the NWEA, the district wide standardized test.

The above graph displays the academic performance for all Englewood elementary schools for both Reading and Math during the 2016 and 2017 school years. Academic attainment is defined by actual scores achieved during that time frame. Attainment is measured by percentile.


This graph displays Englewood elementary schools academic achievement on the NWEA over time, from one school year to the next. Growth is measured by percentile.


School Resources

Access CPS School Locator here.